Some Serious Coin

According to Article 10 of Law Number 2 of July 1974, the Tourism Company must publish a quarterly report concerning the operation of slot machines in Puerto Rico. I really like the name we have for them in Spanish, máquinas tragamonedas, money swallowing machines. What a freaking riot!

Well in the first semester of fiscal year 2006-2007, the amount of money played was a whopping $2,007,734,652, that's right you read correctly a 2 followed by nine (9) digits, that means billions. If we extrapolate those revenues for the entire fiscal year, the estimated money that will be played in Puerto Rico slot machines during the current fiscal year will be in the neighborhood of $8 billion dollars. And let me tell you, that is a pretty spectacular neighborhood to be in.

What would possibly make people play so much money in slot machines? Well, during the same period, the slot machines have paid out $509,483,792. Players have won over a half a billion dollars in just three months. I'd say that's pretty motivating.

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Samuel L. Medina

11 de febrero de 2007, 10:35
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That's just sad. Greed to the max.