Serie de Caribe 2007 - Midway Update

Puerto Rico Serie del CaribeAt the conclusion of Sunday's third round of games, it seems that the Dominican Republic is the team to beat at the Caribbean Series with a perfect 3-0 record, and Puerto Rico with a chance to take it all. For the benefit of the fans, most of the games have had a lot of offense with high scores. The standings thus far are:

Dominican Republic 3-0
Puerto Rico 2-1
Venezuela 1-2
Mexico 0-3.

In the key match-up so far, on Sunday the Dominican team held Puerto Rico scoreless and emerged the winner (12-0) in the battle of the two unbeaten teams. With over 13,583 fans in attendance the Dominican team is well positioned to make it a three-peat, winning the last two times the series was held in Puerto Rico.

Batting Leaders

While Puerto Rican outfielder, Armando Ríos, leads the batting with a .636 batting percentage, thus far going 6 for 11. In second place is teammate Javier Valentín,with an average of .600. So far he's gone 6 for 10 with 3 runs batted in. In third place is Dominican Anderson Hernández, with an average of .444, 8 hits in 18 opportunities. In terms of runs Dominican Tony Batista and Venezuelan Oscar Salazar, are tied with seven runs batted in a piece. Tony Batista also leads the pack with two home runs.

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