Round-up de Noticias

skydivingWith a lot to cover and very little time to do it, let's get right to this special edition post. In an attempt to share a broad selection of news, events, and observations, today's post will just include brief summaries in a round-up type fashion.

No I don't want to ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Yesterday in Arecibo, thrill seekers from around the island kicked off the Puerto Rico Freefall Festival. The festival is a celebration of sky-divers and parachutists, or as they are called by most folks, insane maniacs with adrenaline addiction issues.

According to Jason Gonzalez, owner of Xtreme Divers, the reason people like the sport is simple "La motivación es que la gente está aburrida y busca algo nueve y differente". Translation: "Their motivation is that they have serious thrill issues and are seeking attention from their inner-child" or something very similar to that.

Using the airport Antonio Nery Juarbe, the participants will make a jump each day from 21,000 feet feet. From this altitude, they will have over two minutes of free fall. Cost per jump is $295 per person. Groups will also make jumps from 13,500 feet. These dives will be done in group fashion with an instructor. The prerequisites to participate are: you must be 18 years or older, weigh less than 230 pounds, have good life insurance, and sign a injury release form (no fue broma, you can weigh up to 240 pounds).

Are you the best artist in Puerto Rico?

The Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico in association with Lexus, is offering grants for art. The grants offer the opportunity to develop works of art that make us see things from another perspective. The deadline to submit a proposal is March 9, 2007. Applications are available on the foundation's website. Although, if you are interested you might want to contact the foundation because their website is obsolete and does not include any 2007 grant information. The closest thing I found was a Lexus grant solicitation form from 2002. It might still be the same form, but give them a call (787) 721-1037 or visit their website http://www.fcpr.opg.

Best Buy is coming! Best Buy is coming!

Yes, yes, this is all us techno-geeks and gadget freaks need; another low-cost supplier of electronic equipment on the island. Best Buy, the largest chain of electronic effects, has signed a contract to open a store in Hato Rey. After several years of conversations and negotiations, the chain has achieved the first step towards opening their first store on the island. That first store is slated to be built on the grounds of the old Plaza Acuatica, just across the autopista from Plaza Las Americas.

Best Buy, which sold more than $30 billion dollars worth of techno-crap in 2006, plans to open another six additional stores island-wide, with the first of these probably appearing in Bayamón (Plaza del Sol) and Carolina (Plaza Carolina). Wow, kinda sounds like COMPUSA's strategy!

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