The Price of Government

I'm definitely down with the general philosophy that talk is cheap, and its many colored varieties such as the all-time favorite money talks and bullshit walks. So I prefer taking action versus voicing opinions. It is my time proven theory that action defines our true character. It is so seductively simple to flap our gums and say things, but it is quite a different story to actually will ourselves into action and do something. So while it may be brash to generalize and say that we are all a bunch of sorry ass liars, but to know what truly lies in the heart and mind of a person, then look at what they do. WARNING: However, under no circumstance should you try to connect what they are saying with what they are doing, or even worse, try to figure out why they are saying one thing but doing another. It is simply beyond the normal powers of humans to make these connections.

So in this line of thought, the upcoming "The Price of Government" workshop implores everyone to "Join, Attend, and Be Part of the Solution". In his return to Puerto Rico, David Osborne, (no not Super David Osborne) author of the bestselling book "Reinventing Government" panel of well-known speakers to comment on how to apply Osborne's recommendations to , will lead a distinguished Puerto Rico. While I'm sure that some of the distinguished individuals invited will have something more compelling to do (see first paragraph) and send a lackey to represent their respective offices, the preliminary guest list includes:

  • Lcdo. Jorge Silva Puras, Secretary of the Government
  • Sr. William Riefkohl, Executive Vice President, Industrial Association
  • Dra. Palmira Rios, Director, Graduate School of Administration, UPR
  • Héctor Bernier, CPA, President, College of Certified Public Accountants.
Just one more word of caution. While paying to attend this event does show some initiative, it can also be seductively easy to believe that this counts as action. It does not. I've attended and organized my share of events, workshops, or whatever that aimed to accomplish _____(fill in the blank with your favorite rant), and seem to disappear in a wisp of good intentions and promises. Remember, attending a workshop to talk or hear someone talk is just that, talk.

The workshop will be Friday, February 23rd in the Hotel Caribe Hilton from 8:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Tickets are $199 per person and $249 per person at the event. For reservations visit The Cavatina Center home page or call (787) 622-7100.