Las Casitas Village - Best Caribbean Resort

In the March 2007 issue of Travel and Leisure magazine, Las Casitas Village was named the best Caribbean resort. According to the magazine:

"If you and your clan were stranded on a not-quite deserted island... which would it be? Your answers to our annual hotel survey came in by the boatload. Here, your 10 favorite places to play castaway."
So in response to this annual hotel survey, Las Casitas Village was idetified as the best Caribbean resort. What is kind of odd about this article, is that in the Travel and Leisure 2006 World's Best Awards, none of the Puerto Rican hotels or resorts made any of their lists which include "The Top 100 Hotels", "Top 25 Hotels in The Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas", "Top 10 Cities Overall", or "Top 10 Islands Overall" (Although, the island Phuket in Thailand did make the list. Just how do you pronounce that place anyway?). So how did Las Casitas Village zoom to the top of the Caribbean resort list? These are the mysteries of life, that no one (I know) can answer.

Terestella González, Executive Director of the Tourism Company, expressed "este hospedeía es ejemplo de calidad y excelencia." Translation: "You just can't buy this kind of publicity. Uh oh, wait a minute, I guess you can." Excuse me, I think I might have screwed up that translation.


Why is Dó a better solution for any tourist related company?

Answer: We have the most accurate map of Puerto Rico. Just take a look where Las Casitas Villages themselves indicates where they are. Now compare it to where we say they are. If you were trying to get there, which would you choose?