The GRAMMY Latin category results are in....

bailando salsa Gilberto Santa RosaIn the category of Best Latin Rock, Alternative Or Urban Album the winner of the gramophone is Mana for "Amar Es Combatir". So Puerto Rican artists Calle 13, Tego Calderon, and Black:Guayaba get passed over. A real pity, I think, because the Black:Guayaba album, "Lo Demás Es Plástico", is a lot more fresh and rocks a lot harder than any Mana album since "Cuando Los Angeles Lloran".

In the category of Best Tropical Latin Album, the winner is El Caballero de la Salsa, Gilberto Santa Rosa for his album "Directo Al Corazón". A real favorite in the MC Don Dees house hold, even if I can't dance Salsa, Gilberto Santa Rosa is an awesome performer and very deserving of industry recognition.

Looking forward, on February "Premio lo Nuestro
a la Música Latina" will take place on the 22nd in the American Airlines Arena in Miami. Additional coverage of this event will be forthcoming.

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