For the kids!

Nadie merece maltratoIn a unique mash-up of pop music and opera, the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré will host Pópera on Sunday March 4th at 8:00 p.m. The concert, which will benefit El Hogar del Nino, features Beltrán Iraburu (baritone), Ruth Gonzalez (soprano ligera), Francesca Calero (soprano lírica), and Ricardo Bernal (tenor lírico).

The quartet will perform such major hits as "A Dios le pido" from Juanes, "Y si fuera ella" from Alejandro Sanz, "Color Esperanza" from Diego Torres, and "Si tu no estas" from Rossana. Tickets are available ranging from $50 to $100, with a special $200 ticket package will includes entrance into the grand gala cocktail.

It seems like everything I see leads me into a rant, but I don't invent this stuff. I just find it. So I'm checking out the El Hogar Del Nino website, and of course the web site uses Macromedia (Adobe) Flash. Cool you say, right? I say wrong. No doubt about it, Flash is, well, flashy. It looks great, but it has so many disadvantages as a web development tool kit that most companies around the world have stopped using it. Why is it bad to use Flash? Well, first, it blocks search engines from scanning the content of your web site and making it searchable. If you build your site in Flash, you don't exist to Google. Second, unless you have a Flash programmer on your team, you need someone to maintain the site and that means it costs money. And since it costs money to change the site (...and companies are funny in their desire to not spend money. I know it's weird, but true) it doesn't get done. So what ends up happening is exactly what is going on at El Hogar Del Niño web site. If you look at their news section it is not up to date. It still has dates from January, February and March of 2006. To make matters worse, someone tried to modify the page and put the March 4, 2007 event under the March 2006 heading. Pathetic, just pathetic. There is no excuse for this sloppiness.

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