Event Round-up

A new art space in San Juan

This week Celso González and Roberto Escobar unveiled the first project "Hoy" from BlackBoxArt. The first exposition includes works from 48 artists, which can be found in the project's home on the second floor of 309 Fortaleza in Old San Juan. According to the founders, BlackBoxArt (BLKB) is "una Fundación cuya misión es la de generar, descubrir y ofrecer nuevas posibilidades para los artistas que tienen hambre de expresión", translation "Our mission is to generate, discover, and offer ways for artists to eat, you know because they are usually starving". They added that BLKB "se ha conceptualizado bajo un modelo de negocios en donde se desarrollan diferentes projectos y actividades que generan fondos económicos". Translation: "We have a new business model that will generate funds by torturing artists live in front of visitors." Or something like that, I think.

People's Choice Reggaeton and Urban Awards

March 1st at the Puerto Rico Coliseum, all eyes of the local hip hop world will be focused on the People's Choice Reggaeton and Urban Awards. This is the third edition for the award show and will feature live performances by: Arcángel, Ñejo y Dalmata, De La Getto, Falo, Miguelito, Rey Pirin, Jowell y Randy, Alberto Stylee, Tito El Bambino, Maicol y Manuel, Ivy Queen, Chezina, Manny Montes, and Wiso G. A portion of the proceeds from the tickets, which are available at TicketPop, will be donated to "Hogar Manuel Fernández Juncos", which provides housing, care, and protection to disadvantaged children.

Puerto Rico Restaurant Show

The fifth edition of the Puerto Rico Restaurant Show will take place February 27th and 28th in the Puerto Rico Convention Center. Participants will enjoy exhibitions, lectures, and demonstrations from experts in the restaurant and food industry. Admission is free for owners, buyers, administrators, managers, chefs, bartenders, cooks, waiters, and others restaurant-related personnel. However, to participate you must fill out an application, which is available in "The Chef's Store", located on the first floor of Plaza Las Americas. With the free pass, participants will also enjoy special offers for food and services.

Seminars that will be available for a fee during the show include:

  • Chocolate sculptures - Héctor Cardwood, ex-member of Puerto Rico Culinary Team and chef of the Hotel Normandie
  • Motivation and Emotional Intelligence for Owners and Employees of Restaurants - Miguel Tejera, motivational speaker
  • The business of wine in Puerto Rico
  • How to operate a restaurant in Puerto Rico
Collective of Artists

About 80 works of art from Puerto Rican and foreign artists will be on display starting March 1st in the Museum of Art and History in Arecibo. The exposition is entitled "Encuentro de Artistas Borícuas" or "Encounter with Puerto Rican artists and some other folks so we could actually hold an exposition". The event was organized by Norman Palléns, President of Movimiento de Artistas Unidos de Isabela", and Michael Morris, representative of the "Museum of the Americas". Of 300 works of art evaluated, 76 pieces were selected for the exposition. The exposition will be available until April 4th.

Party Mas Grande Del Mundo

March 3rd at 8:00 pm, the Puerto Rico Convention Center will host the World's Biggest Party. Tickets are $25 for general admission and are available at TicketPop. The event will feature Algarete, Limi-T 21, Victor Manuelle and Plenealo. In addition there will be 150 bartenders, and many personalities from the artistic and sports world . The event is dedicated as "Un tributo a la amistad", how nice, "A Tribute to Friendship", will you be my friend? (Mark Yes____ No____). Proceeds of the event will benefit the Citrén Foundation.