Earthrace at restRacing around the world for a better planet!

Tomorrow and Sunday at Frontier Pier in Puerta Tierra there will be an exposition to celebrate the arrival of the Earthrace, the only boat in the world propelled by Biodiesel fuel. Admission to the exposition is free and is open to the public from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. For those unfamiliar with Frontier Pier, it is part of the Club Náutico of San Juan.

Earthrace is a bid to break the world record for circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat, and using only renewable fuels. The program includes an 18-month tour calling at 60 of the worlds great cities, promoting fuels like biodiesel, and raising awareness about sustainable use of resources.

Circumnavigating the globe represents the pinnacle of powerboat challenges, and at 24,000 nautical miles, is also the world's longest race. The current record of 75 days was set by British boat Cable & Wireless in 1998. The route of the race is through the following cities: Barbados - Panama - Acapulco - San Diego - Hawaii - Majuro - Koror - Singapore - Maldives - Aden - Port Said - Malaga - Canary Islands - Barbados.

The Earthrace aims to smash this record by completing the voyage in less than 65 days, and will mark the first time in history that an official UIM Powerboat record will be attempted Earthrace and the Golden Gate Bridgeusing renewable fuel. Puerto Rico is the last promotional stop for Earthrace before the boat tries to break the record. The record attempt will begin in Barbados on March 6 and conclude there (hopefully) April 28 of this year.

Designed by Pete Bethune from New Zealand, the boat is 75 feet long. It was designed specifically to navigate at high speeds in the worst maritime conditions possible. The long needle nose of the boat is designed like a knife point so that it will cut through waves and permit the boat to submerge partially or completely for various seconds.

In addition to trying to break the circumnavigation record, the crew of the Earthrace is also trying to educate the world on the viability of Biodiesel fuels. The crew believes that this demonstration will help educate the world on the threat of global warming and highlight our reliance on fossil fuels. It is their hope that once they break the record, people will begin to take renewable energy sources serious, especially Biodiesel.