Dominican Republic Wins "El Serie del Caribe 2007"

crying Puerto Rico Lost Serie del CaribeEverything is over is except handing them the trophy and opening the champagne bottles. With the Dominican Republic's win last night against Mexico and Puerto Rico's loss to Venezuela, the Aguilas Cibaeñas have won the 2007 Caribbean Series. With an undefeated record through five games, the Dominican team has won its 16th championship.

Without a doubt it has been a story of superior pitching that has won this series. In their five games, the Dominican pitching staff has an amazing 0.6 earned run average, of which almost half (21/45) of their innings pitched have been scoreless. The pitching coach of the Cibaeñas commented yesterday about the effectiveness of the arms of his team "Eso es impredecible" (Translation: We seriously kicked their asses). Ironically, it was also pitching that eliminated Puerto Rico from the series. According to Lino Rivera, coach of the Puerto Rico team, it was two pitches, a hit in the seventh and a home run in the ninth that were the decisive errors.

Today the battle remains to see who will come in second place. With Puerto Rico standing at (3-2) and Venezuela (2-3), in all likelihood it will be Puerto Rico. But like who really cares, right. There is nothing less memorable than being, well not first, when there is only one winner.

With a victory today over the Dominican Republic, at least Puerto Rico can save some face and prevent the Dominican Republic team from sweeping all of the games and completing the series undefeated.

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7 de febrero de 2007, 17:22
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yo no se que le pasa a Puerto Rico en el beisbol..pero en parte se debe a las drogas que estan ocupando la mente de los nenes y no se enfocan en el deporte