DóndeEs.com Events - Part 1

Eventos Section of DóndeEs.comHas this ever happened to you? You hear about a cool activity that you would like to attend, but you're not sure where it is located. You find a phone number to call for more information, but you don't want to feel like a dork asking for directions. You find a map to the location but it's really tiny and you can't make it bigger, and you can't get your bearing to figure out what is around the place, and they don't include a picture of what the place looks like. So in the end, you never figure out where the place is at, so you just end up staying home.

When talking with promoters of events, they almost all agree that this is a common scenario and one they wish they could solve. Well we say, hey we have a map, let's put events on it so people know how to find them! Yes, I know, how ingenious, but you can't imagine how long it took for us to come up with idea. Ok, it wasn't that long. In fact, it was almost the first thing we realized we could do with DóndeEs.com.

In December of 2006, DóndeEs.com became the first site in Puerto Rico to merge events with an interactive map. This merging of event data with a map, or a mash-up like many are calling it, provides new flexibility to discover events and get directions at the same time. With an interactive map like DóndeEs.com you can see the street names, enlarge the map, reduce the map, and even see a satellite image of the location of the event. Now the only excuse you have for not going is if you are pelao. So far, in just over a month, we've entered over 100 events ranging from last weekend's record breaking string of Ricky Martin concerts to this weekend's Expo Calidad de Vida.

To access the current calendar of events, from the home page click on the "Eventos" menu option, as highlighted by the star burst. Now stay with me, no I don't mean the candy. In the events section you will see two new pull down lists. To browse the list of events by type of event click on the arrow of list number 1. The type of event will be one of the following: Actividades. Comedia, Conciertos, Convenciones, Deportes, Expo, Ferias, Negocios, Seminarios, Show, or Vida Nocturna. You can also filter the list of events by the city where it is located. To browse by city, click on the arrow of list number 2. The list will show only cities that have active events. You can also combine the two filters to browse the list of events with more precision.

Once you select a filter, then the list of events displayed beside the number 3 will change to match your selection. Oh yeah, just in case you were following along at home, the numbers aren't actually on the web page, I just added them to the graphic to help explain the feature. You should also understand that the events are listed in chronological order with the nearest events listed first. If you're looking to see what events are happening soonest, when you first go to the events section, just check out the list without touching the filters. The default list is always the next four or five events in the system.
DóndeEs.com eventos link
There's a couple of other cool things you can do with events in DóndeEs.com. First, while searching for a location, when the web site displays a list of locations below the "Lista de locales/negocios" heading, if a location has events defined, it will automatically include an "Eventos" link within the links for the location. You can see an example of this in the figure with the Centro de Bellas Artes listing.

DóndeEs.com Eventos TabIn addition, if you have already selected a location by clicking on the location from the list, then if the location has events, the bubble will automatically add a new tab for Eventos. If you click on that link it will switch to the event tab for that location and list the events in chronological order. This is also illustrated with the figure displaying the bubble for the Centro de Bellas Artes.

In part 2 of my discussion of the events section of DóndeEs.com, I'll show how you can add events to the calendar and give you a preview of some event technology we will launch soon.