Congreso de Blogs Educativos

Last Thursday and Friday the Mayagüez campus of the University of Puerto Rico (RUM, for it's initials in Spanish) hosted the first Congreso de Blogs Educativo. The congress was organized by Doctor Mario A. Nuñez Molína, decano associado de Avalúo y Tecnologías de Aprendizaje del RUM, which to best of my translation skills means he is the associate dean of something to do with technology and learning; a pretty good thing to do in an engineering school I would imagine.

The congress had as its purpose the exploration of the impact of weblogs in the world of education. Specifically, the event analyzed using blogs as a tool for online courses. Some of the presenters participating in the congress were Juan Rosario Rivera, the "blogprofessor" from the University of Puerto Rico Ponce campus, Manuel Valdés (love his coffee) Pizzini of RUM, and Antonio Vanteggiato from Sacred Heart University.

While the focus of the congress was on using blogs for educational purposes, I really think that any treatment of blogs as a phenomenal force for communication is admirable. I applaud Dr. Nuñez and all associates with the congress. Maybe next year, we at Dó will be able to participate as well. As you can tell, we really like blogs and want them to become a much more powerful medium for communication in Puerto Rico. From checking the blogosphere, it seems Dr. Nuñez was so pleased with the result of the congress he was in a trance. I can certainly share his sentiments at having tried, unsuccessfully, to organize conferences here in Puerto Rico (in a previous life), and it can be an extremely intimidating task. Also, according to Eugenio Martínez Rodríguez over at Tinta Digital, he was pleased with his participation and members of the audience were pleased with him as well.

Evidence of Technology Delay

I've been blogging for about six years now. I cut my teeth in Blogger just before it was bought by Google and have continued with a variety of other blogs over the years. While I haven't done any concrete research to back this up (I really only need general knowledge to make this point), I'm sure this type of conference first appeared on university campuses in the United States about five years ago. This delay (between when conference concerning the use of blogs for education first appeared) fits almost perfectly into the pattern of a wide variety of other technologies that showed up in Puerto Rico after about five years of waiting. I point this out only to make the point that Puerto Rico, in general, is a late adopter of technology. This can be a useful thing to remember when you are contemplating what kind of business to start or what technologies to purchase. It's almost like having a crystal ball.

The technology of Dó

However, I can assure you that the technology behind our website does not fit this pattern. Why would I say that, considering the point I just made. Well we've used that crystal ball to observe what is happening on the Internet and have quickly implemented the very same technologies we see sweeping the United States. I'm sure you are like, well isn't that special! Isn't that good for you! Actually, the way we see it, isn't that good for YOU! Think about it for a second. Instead of having to wait 3 to 5 years to have a website dedicated to searching all things local to Puerto Rico, you have access to it right now. So while what we are trying to do might seem different, I can assure you based on what is happening right now in the U.S. you are going to really like what we have to offer. And the best thing is that since we've started so early, you won't have to wait to benefit and with each week that goes by we make the website a little bit better; a little bit better fro Puerto Rico and a little bit better for you.

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