Colts Win! Colts Win!

In an exciting and nerve wracking game, the Indianapolis Colts have won Superbowl XLI. Although after the first ever opening kickoff return for a touchdown, it looked like it was going to be a long night for the Colts. Plagued by rain throughout the game, also the first time ever in a Superbowl, both teams made a lot of mistakes while dealing with the wet pigskin (football). Even Mr. Automatic, Adam Vinatieri, missed a chip-shot field goal for the Colts and botched an extra point attempt too. In all, the game featured 3 interception and 12 fumbles, that's right twelve fumbles.

Our host for the Super Party was Shannan''s Pub and Heineken. For your MC, this was the first time I've ever watched the Super Game in a sports bar in Puerto Rico. Man was it packed! After the Colts were crowned champions, there were still people lined-up to get in. A friend within our party told me that Shannan's has a 1,200 person capacity and I'm sure they had that many people jammed into the place from way before the kick-off. It was standing room only, except for the lucky dawgs who scored tables. Security was good as everyone entering got patted down more than I get during foreplay with my wife. Although it was a little difficult getting something to eat, once the place was packed and all the table were full. Still, when the plate of chicken wings did show up we devoured them.

With a small amount of rivalry between folks in our party it was a really good time. I got a chance to see some old friends and make some new ones. The staff at Shannan's did a great job keeping the beers cold and handing them out as fast as we could drink'em. Kudos to them and to the Indianapolis Colts for bringing the first football championship for Indiana, Tony Dungy, and Peyton Manning.

Super Weirdness

Usually I'm a big fan of the commercials displayed during the Superbowl, but it was difficult to hear and sometimes see them over the other 1199 fans. Four that stick out in my mind. First, in terms of shear cringe factor was the "Kiss over the Snickers Bar". Then there was "Rock, Paper, Scissors" over a Budlight. Next the series of "Work is a Jungle 1" and "Work is a Jungle 2" from Superbowl ad regular And finally, the "Everbody wants to work in Marketing" spot from GoDaddy.

However, maybe the award for super weirdness goes to Prince for his halftime show. Actually I couldn't even hear the show, but the one scene I'll remember is when they threw up this big curtain around him and back-light Prince while he was playing his famous symbol shaped guitar. All I could remark to my friends was how large was the phallic symbol that seemed to protrude from him as he wailed away. An image I'm sure was very precisely choreographed to give that exact effect, no doubt to support the bulging ego of Prince.