Casino criollo llega en marzo

roulette casinoIf anyone was motivated by my report of the slot machine pay out so far in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, a new temple of greed will open this March in Caguas. The casino criollo will open the first week of March in the Four Points Sharaton at Caguas Real. This will be the newest casino in Puerto Rico and include the most modern installation of games. For instance, just like the Four Points Sheraton at Palmas del Mar, this casino will operate completely without money. I wonder what that will be like? We here at Dondequiera will be there, hopefully for opening night to report on just how cool is this joint really.

The casino has been made possible with an investment of $17 Million from Airport Shoppes and Hotels Crop, a subsidiary of Empresas Santana. Details of the new casino include:

  • 13,00 square feet of space
  • a million dollar security system
  • a new multi-floor parking facility for 840 automobiles
  • almost 500 money swallowing machines.

The design of the casino has been made to highlight the historic and cultural heritage of the Criollo City. At the entrance of the casino will be a seven foot replica of the "Monumento a la Herencia Africana" a monument to our African Heritage. The mind spins with possibilities of what that could be like. In addition, above the slot machines will be three dimensional images of historic buildings in Caguas, like the mayor's house and the Museum of Tobacco. The playing chips will also feature pictures of Taíno Indians, cock fights, the Puerto Rican hillbilly (El Jibarro), and an image of the singer and comedian Tavín Pumarejo, who is a native of Caguas.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: Don_Gato