black:guayaba in Bellas ArteWhile Maná " won the Grammy for the Best Spanish Rock Album, I think that black:guayaba's Los demás es plástico" is probably the best all around Spanish Rock album I've ever heard. If you were thinking well how many Spanish Rock albums has he heard? While I've heard Mana, Enanitos Verde, La Secta, and a few others on the radio, I've heard most English rock albums and lived a rock and roll life. It's pretty much all I did through high school, college, and all the years since. If tried to guess a popular rock (but I mean rock, not pop) band that I haven't seen live (multiple times for many) you might be at it a while. Six all time best concerts: (Van Halen in 1979 on tour for the VH 2, Kinks, Utopia and The Tubes, Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult, AC/DC and Fastway, Scorpions and Iron Maiden. I could go on, but this is about b:g.

Just a heads up for other b:g fans, they will be opening for Paulina Rubio on March 25th at 7:30 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico. I haven't had the chance to see these guys play live, but I've been wanting to ever since I started digging their album.

It's interesting, recently they shared that it's been hard for them to try and break out of the stigma that rock bands don't come from Puerto Rico. Hopefully now with their GRAMMY nomination, they'll be able to lay that stereotype to rest. We here at Dó relate to that in many ways. People tell us all the time that web companies don't come from Puerto Rico. I think one of the ways b:g has been able to breakout is by sustaining their focus. Carlos "Toro" Ortiz, bassist for the band shared their vision "Porque en verdad, la música es lo importante, y los demás es plástico." (Nice plug, by the way) For us, it's all about the technology and like fine crafted instruments being able to turn those technologies into something we can share it by making it accessible and, more than anything, usable. Time will still tell if we break out and follow b:g, but it won't be for lack of passion and desire.