Artist for human rights?

¡Contra el femicido!In the category of never heard of before and undeserved recognition, last week at the 57th Berlin Film Festival Jennifer López was awarded the "Artist for Human Rights" prize from Amnesty International. The award is based on Jennifer's performance as the lead actress and producer of the film Bordertown.

Bordertown is loosely based on a series of unsolved murders in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, an industrial border town near El Paso, Texas. Although estimates conflict, conservatively speaking upwards of fifty to seventy young women have been kidnapped, tortured and murdered in the town since 1993. Lopez plays journalist Lauren Fredericks who investigates a string of murders near American-owned factories on the border of Juarez and El Paso.

What I wonder, is Jennifer really worthy of an award from Amnesty International. Of course producing the movie is a good thing. Of course championing the message behind the movie is noble, but worthy of such an esteemed award? Aren't there many people who labor daily to end the violence against women? Aren't there many organizations whose sole existence is to defend the rights of women? And what about that line of crappy clothes that JLo produces? Where are those rags made? What are the conditions of the factories that spew out her crappy clothes? If she is such a champion of human rights, why doesn't her website say anything about protecting the rights of women? Why doesn't the website selling her line of clothing have any statements regarding the state of the factories that produce her stylish clothes? All I'm saying is that we should find ways to award the groups who live and breath the protection of human rights instead of a celebrity who only has to produce and pretend to win such a prestigous award. But as I've said before, no one ever said life was fair, and the true ordinary heroes that touch our lives every day will never receive awards. That's just the way it is, and as my therapist tells me, I shouldn't really concern myself with things I can't control. However, thanks to the power and reach of the Internet I can speak (well write) what's on my mind and at least feel like I've done my part.

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