The art of being happy

Why the happiest people in the world would need a seminar on "El Arte de Ser Feliz", I'm really not sure. But from looking at a list of some of the activities, it really looks like it could help a lot of people I've had the pleasure (NOT), more like displeasure, of working or meeting here in Puerto Rico. If you are one of those people, and you know who you are, then I highly recommend participating in this seminar. The seminar promises "This weekend will change your internal image and your life vision, so that you can be happy and make your dreams reality".

Leading the seminar will be, as wife put it to me, the Anthony Robbins of Puerto Rico, Muñeca Géigel. Author of eight inspiring books, Muñeca, is recognized internationally as an author and lecturer. In this seminar participants will receive seven tools:

  • La Respiración Conciente (The Concious Breathing)
  • El Ejercicio del Silencio (The Exercise of Silence)
  • La Meditación en el Silencio (The Meditation of Silence)
  • La Autosugestión con Afirmaciones Positivas (Autosuggestion with Positive Affirmation)
  • La Práctica del Eterno Presente (The Practice of the Present Eternal)
  • El Mapa de Prosperidad (The Prosperity Map)
  • El Toque de AMOR (The Touch of Love)
The seminar will be Saturday and Sunday, the 10th and 11th of February. The Best Western Hotel Pierre, Santurce, will serve as host for the seminar. The daily schedule is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For the cost of $200.00, participants will receive all of the supporting material and the book "El Toque de AMOR”. For more information visit the Muñeca's web page or to reserve your spot (__________, fill in name of you know who) call (787) 739-0587.

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