Una Red inteligente?

In today's La Revista of "El Nuevo Dia" (ENDI) one of the cover articles was entitled "Una Red inteligente". I skimmed the article looking to see if this was some sort of strange but super early April's Fool joke. Unfortunately it wasn't; key among the articles themes is the discussion of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and the coming Web 3.0. I appreciate that ENDI is trying to educate and advance their readers' understanding of technology. I'm usually appreciative of any attempt to share information about the Internet, but I wonder if makes any sense to discuss Web 3.0 when according to my perception most people here in Puerto Rico are still clueless about Web 1.0. Remember the keyword here is most. I've meet and worked with numerous people who are extremely advanced when it comes to the Internet. However many of the people who position themselves as leaders, such as the Internet Society of Puerto Rico, are clueless.

If you are reading this at our Dondequeria website (http://www.dondees.com/dsprss.asp), it is our not so humble opinion that you are looking at the vanguard of Internet technology in Puerto Rico. And we hope that it helps you find your way through the Internet, and through Puerto Rico. However, sometimes, our technology works against us. Imagine trying to explain the second wave of a technology when most of the people you talk to don't even understand the first wave....take it from me, it's pretty frustrating. We actually have discovered that people use a code word, when they don't get our technology: "¡Es genial!"

While we are confident that eventually people will catch on to advanced Internet technology, we hope that DóndeEs.com exposes our community to the immense possibilities of the Web. But of course, if you're visiting us now, then you're already at the front of the pack when it comes to the Internet. So go tell a friend or show us to someone you know that's lagging behind.To help this trend along we're focusing on these goals: simplicity, ease of use, utility(usefulness), and context locality(related to Puerto Rico). Again, we're confident that if we deliver tools to users and merchants that meet those goals, than DóndeEs.com will become what we have dreamed it could be.

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