Sending a Dó location via e-mail

Ever need to choose a place to meet some one, and then wonder if they know how to get there? Like for instance, even though I've been looking around I haven't really heard of any cooler place to watch Superbowl XLI next Sunday, so it looks like Shannon's Pub it will be.

Since I don't get out much to party, I'm thinking of inviting some old friends to watch the game with me. You know, it's always a better party when there are friends drinking with you. ;-) So to make sure everyone knows how to get there, I'm going to take advantage of one of the many Dó features. This feature allows you to send, via e-mail, the exact pushpin of the location you want to share.

So to send out my invitation to Shannons for this Sunday I did the following:

  • From the home page I selected "Guaynabo" from the "Ciudad:" pull down list
  • The system will respond by adding the "Comunidad/Urb.:" and the "Filtre por:" pull down lists. All I need to display Shannon's Pub is select the "Vida Nocturna" option.
  • The system will display all of the locations matching that category. (Of course, the location you want to share may require more options, and will change as we continue to add more data to the system). Now we get to the cool part. There are now a list of the three locations currently in the system for "Guaynabo" and "Vida Nocturna". Shannons is the last in the list. In the graphic with this post, you should see an arrow pointing to a link below Shannons titled "Email".
  • Now if you want to use your default email application, then simply click on the "Email" link. The URL will open your email application at the compose message screen. The subject should already be filled in with ", Shannans Pub" or generally ", {name of location}". The body of the message will already include the URL to your location. Simply finish your invitation and send the message. Now when your panas receive the message it will include a link to click on to show the location you have shared.
  • You can also simply right click on the "Email" link and then select "Copy link location".
  • Then with the email application of your choice, cut and paste the link into the subject, the link into the body of the message, and then write the rest of your invitation. Send as usual.