Saludos, Saludos...

Before we get rolling too far, I wanted to introduce myself, I'm MC Don Dees, and I'm the editor for Dondequiera®. The Dó website and this blog hopes to include everything there is to know about Puerto Rico, and all that is happening in and around our 100 by 35 mile home (including Culebra and Vieques of course). Our mission is to be the most informative and useful website about Puerto Rico. This includes our "Visual Directory"®, our Puerto Rico specific search engine. future products currently in development, as well as this blog. Dondequiera will include current news, local events, restaurant and bar reviews, and a variety of additional features. We will not cover anything having to do with Puerto Rican politics, or at least not yet.

If you don’t like something, or want to suggest any improvements, it’s easy to contact us. All of our contributors are great people who live in Puerto Rico. They are curious folks who want to find out what makes this place tick.

If you love Puerto Rico, and want to share your love and patriotism with other interested people, let us know. We are always looking for more writers to add their thoughts to this mosaic. Maybe you have a story idea or just a question about the enchanted isle. Whatever your reason, please feel free to contact us any hour of the day.

If you are a local business owner, I encourage you to leave a comment on any of our items, linking back to your webpage. Perhaps you would be interested in advertising on Dó Maybe you want to co-sponsor an event with us or promote your own. Remember, we love this place because you help to make it great. Let us help you.