Ricky Martin Establishes New Mark for Choliseo

With the announcement of a record breaking fourth concert, homeboy Ricky Martin will shake his bombom just a little bit more for local fans. With concerts on Friday February 9, Saturday the 10th, Sunday the 11th, and now Monday the 12th, ex-Menudo Ricky is living the Vida Loca.

When contacted about opening a record fourth concert, the singer said "Es un orgullo" (It is an honor.) The singer also added "Me siento honrado con el apoyo que una vez más me ha dado mi gente. Esta cuarta función será destinada a los esfuerzos de nuestra fundación, que son los niños" (I feel honored by the support my people have again given me. Proceeds from this fourth function will be donated to the efforts of the Ricky Martin Foundation, which is for kids.

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