Pay it forward - Boricua Style

As chance would have it, another close friend of Dó has lost a parent. Because I know this person doesn't really want any attention directed his way (nor did his Mother), and out of respect for his loss, I wanted to express our deepest sympathies. When I told him recently how sad it was that his Mother was dying, he responded with a profound perspective on life "She had no regrets, she's lived a full life." How truthful and inspiring! It's funny how we are always frozen with fear to try things. Things that are risky, things that are new, or maybe things that might be hard. The truth of our reality is that most people on their death beds express regret for the things they never tried instead of remorse for the decisions they had made.

The family made a simple, yet beautiful, request. Instead of flowers or donations they request that we take the time to be with friends and family, perform some small act of kindness, give someone a bit of encouragement, or simply take a few brief moments to count your blessings. If we do these things we will have honored her.

With her in mind, I'd like to honor her by saying to my fellow islanders that there is hope. There is beauty in this place. Look for the beauty in everything and everyone. It's there! For the next week, as soon as you wake up, before you swing your legs out of bed and go to the bathroom, ask for the world to show you the beauty that exists in our isle of enchantment. Before long, you will be amazed how the world will explode with beauty and amaze you into recognizing the paradise we live in.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributors Today: dphershman & iBjorn