Ivy Queen signs multi-year deal with Univision Music Group

In Miami yesterday "La Caballota" announced a five year deal with Univision Music Group. José Béhar, president of the record company, expressed his satisfaction by saying: "Gracias A Dios [Ivy Queen] una vez más optó por seguir su carrera por muchos años con La Calle Records/Univision Music Group" (Thanks to God, she has once again opted to continue her career for many years with La Calle Records/Univision Music Group). When asked why she went with Univision again the artist said "José me sedujo" (Jose seduced me).

In addition, Ivy Queen, whose real name is Martha Ivelisse Pesante, announced the availability of her new CD, entitiled Sentimiento. The first single from the new CD, 'Que Lloren' will be released on January 22nd. The new CD will be released in March. I imagine we'll receive a visit from Ivy at the Choliseo later this year.