I'm freaking it's a Rican, anthology of poetry

Recently, have you been wondering where you can get your hands on the most wide-ranging and comprehensive collection of Puerto Rican poetry available in English? (Hasn't everyone?) Well today is your lucky day! This just in! The University of Massachusetts Press has published "Puerto Rican Poetry: An Anthology from Aboriginal to Contemporary Times". Containing the work of 64 poets, the book was edited and translated by Roberto Marquez, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Mount Holyoke College. For many of the poems appearing in the anthology, it is the first time they appear in English. It also includes previously inaccessible selections from Puerto Rico's tradition of popular verse forms -- coplas, decimas, and bombas -- produced by anonymous writers.

The motivation behind Marquez's recent volume came in no small part from his students. Through teaching his class Puerto Rican Literature and Society: Borinquen to El Barrio, Marquez found that the available material was restricted to the contemporary era, with no sense of a historical context, and in many cases ignoring form and lyrical expression.

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