Hey what's that new row of buttons for?

Today, DóndeEs.com launched our newest feature, visual directory groupings! VizDirGros? VizGroups? Yeah that sounds better. What are VizGroups you ask? VizGroups give us the opportunity to group together a selection of locations. Obviously, these locations will have some relationship with each other. In addition, the VizGroups are available through our new menu bar. This menu bar will give users quick access to VizGroups. In a way, these groups are DóndeEs's featured content, available all in one place.

Our first VizGroup is the collection of restaurants selected in the El Nuevo Dia 25th Certamen de Comer (login required). The winners were announced on December 10th, 2006 in the Sunday La Revista. Why did we do this? Well speaking for myself, one of the few extravagances I enjoy is dining out. Every year I saw the list of winning restaurants in El Nuevo Dia and wanted to visit some of the winners. But, I always got blocked because I didn't know were they were located. Well never again! Now in one convenient interface, we have mapped out exactly were the winners are and you can even see the satellite photos of the restaurant to orient yourself to the area surrounding the restaurant.

Thanks to the judges at El Nuevo Dia for their hard work and sacrifice. I'm sure it's a real drag to eat in all of the best restaurants for a living. Seriously though, I'm really excited about finally knowing where some of these suckers are. I've been to Pikayo (at both locations) LOVED IT! I've also been to Compostela and Ramiro's, but they really weren't my style or to my liking. But with so many to choose from, I'm bound to try some others and find some new favorites. I'm sure you will too! And by all means, if you think our mapping of the Certamen del Buen Comer is cool, tell one, tell all your friends.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: gailf548