An "F" for Puerto Rico

Yes, Puerto Rico has received the grade of "F", no it wasn't for neither the efficiency nor morality of our politicians (although instead of a grade they should be suspended, but I digress), it is for the allocation of funds for the prevention and control of the use of tobacco. This is the second straight year Puerto Rico has received this grade from the American Lung Association.

According to the association, data from the Puerto Rico Department of Health indicates that our government dedicates only $1,083,263 for strategies to assist the prevention and control of smoking. Using models from the Center for Disease Control, based on our population we should be allocating anywhere from $25 Million to $66 Million for such strategies.

Antonio Caces, Director of the Division of Control and Prevention of Tobacco, part of the Department of Health, was not surprised by the "F" Puerto Rico received, adding that this topic was not a priority for the government. Caces concluded "Estoy totalmente de acuerdo. Esa nota es bien merecida porque ni la Legislatura ni el Ejectuvo se han esforzado por financiar iniciativas contra el tabaco". Translation: "I totally agree with this grade, we suck.....a lot of cigarettes on the island. I mean you have to do something when we are doing all of our drinking don't you know. I'm sure we would have more money if our Legislators weren't spending it on surveillance cameras and investigations of politicians kissing 'friends'" (I apologize if my Spanish translation contains any errors, it's not my native tongue.)

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Nino Leitner

3 de febrero de 2007, 09:52
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