Dondequiera feeds now available....Part 2

So you're saying to yourself, man what was all of that RSS and reader nonsense. I feel ya. Well we anticipated that some of our users might not be familiar or experienced with RSS and all its chewy goodness, so we've also implemented a FeedBlitz feed service. With this service you can receive updates from our blog through the convenience of e-mail. If you subscribe using FeedBlitz, as we post each new update to the blog you will receive an e-mail message. That message will contain the full text of the entry and any photographs included in the original post.

To subscribe to Dondequiera using Feedblitz:

  1. Type your e-mail address into the text box highlighted (circled) in the attached graphic.
  2. Click on the "Subscribe Me!" button.
  3. You should be taken to the FeedBlitz subscribe page. The page should indicate that you are subscribing to the Dondequiera feed. Verify that your e-mail address is correct in step one of the page.
  4. Copy the eight character string into the text box in step two. The string should be a mixture of letters and numbers. All of the letters should be in UPPERCASE.
  5. After typing in the anti-spam protection text string, click on "Subscribe me!" button.