Celebrity Encounter Weekend - Part 2

Oh yeah, I forgot. I owe you another celebrity encounter. Well last Sunday my family went to church. Unfortunately it has been quite a while since we last attended. It's really pathetic all of the lame excuses we use not to go, but it's so easy to blow it off. The thing is, the church we go to is pretty far from our house. While we originally went there because they have services in English, we've sort of grown accustomed to it. Over the years we've tried some different churches (in Spanish), but we've never found one where we feel as comfortable as this one. The service for English is smack dab in the middle of the day on Sunday. We've tried Saturday and early Sunday but after a week of getting up early, who wants to do that on Sunday too? So it ends up pretty much taking two or two and a half hours in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. For working parents with three kids, well as I said I'm pretty ashamed about the lame excuses, but there doesn't seem to be the time. That's what they all say, right?

So as coincidence would have it, the day we pick to start going again we see someone come in that we've never seen there before. Just to give you a point of reference, we've been going there off and on for about 10 years. So, I bet you're dying for me to get to the point. OK, OK, it was about half way through the service when Laura Hernandez (of Univision, Cocaine Bust, Prison Time, No Te Duermas fame) slides in with a friend. Because the wife used to watch "Tierra de los Passiones" or whatever it was called, I would sometimes catch the end of the novela with her. Afterwards we would sometimes watch some of No Te Duermas. So I've seen her occasionally on NTD, I never really paid her much attention. I also remember seeing the news about her trouble in the DR. Anyway, while not staring (OK, maybe a little) I noticed that she actually looks prettier in person than she does on the show. She had on this olive tank top with a mostly see through back and jeans. All in all, another example of a Puerto Rican beauty.

After the service, the kids wanted to go to the park, so we went out the front of the church (towards the park) and Laura and her friend slid out the back. Hopefully, we'll go more regularly to church this time, so I wonder if we'll see her there again? I was thinking though, why were they at this English service? For him, for her (she was born in Canada), or just out of convenience, you know someplace celebrities go to that our church just happened to be near. Well, let's see if we and she shows up again, and maybe I'll ask. I am prone to do those kind of things, I can't help it. I'm like most people here, presentao.

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