Celebrity Encounter Weekend - Part 1

Above my neighborhood sets a stately house. This house is literally on top of a small hill, mountain, bumpy thing, mogote, whatever. The view from the house must be amazing. It was so amazing that about five years ago Chayanne bought the house and moved his parents there from San Lorenzo.

On Saturday I heard a helicopter flying around the neighborhood. I usually go out to look at them to see what kind of helicopter it is and what it is doing. Not that I actually know the make and manufacturer of helicopters, but whether it is a police, U.S. Army, news, or private helicopter. By the time I got outside the helicopter was no longer in the air, but was siting on the property of the house on the hill. Chayanne must be there I said to myself and went racing inside to tell the family. We rushed outside and then the helicopter started to take off. I ran inside to get my binoculars. I got back out just in time to see the helicopter circle around and head towards San Juan. I got a good enough look at the helicopter to identify that it was private.

It appears that indeed it was Chayanne, and that the helicopter was dropping him off at his parents. Later in the weekend we were to discover that he was in Puerto Rico. He was participating in the second annual Celebrity Cancer Golf Classic held at Coco Beach Golf & Country Club. The event was organized by Jorge Diaz and Funky Joe to benefit two Puerto Rican cancer facilities Hospital Auxilio Mutuo Cancer Center and Sociedad America del Cancer. For Chayanne, as well as fellow participants Luis Fonsi and Adamari López, the event holds special significance as all of the celebrities' lives have been touched by cancer. During a press conference after the event, Chayanne commented that for him "siempre es un placer apoyar este tipo de evento" (always a pleasure to support this type of event). "Me siento feliz de ayudar y poder hacer una diferencia" (I feel happy to help and make a difference) he added.

And what a difference he made. Along with the participation of the governor Aníbal Acevedo Vila, Tito Trinidad, Chi Chi Rodríguez, Wilnelia Merced, Iván Rodríguez, and Bárbara Bermudo the event raised approximately $190,000 dollars. To see where the event was held, click here.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: arquera