Celebrity Encounter Update

As I updated last week, when my family and I returned to church after repenting our sinning ways, we encountered a celebrity amongst the flock, Laura Hernandez. After the celebrity sighting, we were left wondering whether her visit was a mistake or a chance encounter. Well it seems that it was neither, since we were successfully able to rally the troops together and head to church, we once again saw Laura show up. She was late again, but not quite as badly as last week, however, still very much on Puerto Rico time. She was again on the arm of a tall friend, who squeezed her tight due to the excessive air conditioning. And it's no wonder she was freezing, since she was wearing a yellow strapped shirt (what I think we used to call a halter top), jeans and sandals.

Since it seems that she has become a regular at our church in our absence, our hunch is that she might be attending church to prepare her and her friend for a future wedding (whether it will be their wedding our a friends is not certain). I didn't get a chance to get close to say hi or anything as they both split before the service had fully ended. Maybe we should sit closer to where they usually sit to get a better chance. Well, we'll see how long this goes on for the both of us.