Al Gore cancels visit to island

It seems, that due to "scheduling conflicts" the former Vice President had to postpone his visit to Puerto Rico. According to the "Chismes" section of the Caribbean Business many close to the Gore camp are wondering what a visit to Puerto Rico would contribute to Gore's national tour as he may (or may not) run for President in 2008. The political gossip suggests that Gore may not visit PR until after his presidential aspirations have been clarified.

Gore was schedule to give his "An Inconvenient Truth" seminar, at the Caribe Hilton later this month. The seminar is the basis for the riveting documentary of the same name. If you haven't seen the move and you have children or plan to at some time, then their future demands that you see this movie documentary. Before Christmas I watched the movie and I'll never look at my use of cars, lights, or global warming the same. After I watched the movie I donated the move to a local library so that others could see the movie as well.

Ten things you can do besides rent or buy the movie right now:

  1. Change a light
  2. Drive less
  3. Recycle more
  4. Check your tires
  5. Use less hot water
  6. Avoid products with a lot of packaging
  7. Adjust your thermostat
  8. Plant a tree
  9. Turn off electronic devices
  10. Spread the word!
To see what all the fuss is all about, check out the trailer below: