2007 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship Results

Juan Ashton is the champion, he is the champion, no time for losers, because he is the champion of the world. After losing in the second round of eliminations, Ashton fought through five rounds of Repercharge heats to earn a spot in the finals. Ashton was then successful in winning the championship for the Masters division (35 - 39 years old). Teammate Alberto Licha finished third in the Grand Masters division (40 - 44 years old). While all other members of the Masters of Surfing Puerto Rico team finished in the top ten positions, the South African team edged past to win the team competition. Puerto Rico was second, Tahiti third, and Péru was fourth.

As mentioned previously, this event brought the world surfing community's interest onto Puerto Rico. From all accounts, the event was successful. "The World Masters Surfing Championships has come to an end perfectly, in good conditions to guarantee a fair competition and a great Sport show. The President of the International Surfing Association, Fernando Aguerre, said: “From California in the name of the ISA I send my warmest regards to all competitors, staff of the event and public around the world." Results, photos, videos and a list of competitors is available from the International Surfing Association website. Here is a sample of the photographs (courtesy of the ISA):

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: hyak82