2007 Horse Fair in San Juan

After 150 years, San Juan will celebrate horses in all their glory. From February 9th until February 11th, the Ballajá community will revive the "Carrera de San Juan" in the Horse Fair 2007. The fiesta celebrates mounted horses from the 14th century. Expect important expositions of art, equitation exhibitions, music and food, all wrapped in a historic scene at the Fort San Felipe del Morro and the Cuartel de Ballajá. For more information call (787) 251-9474 or visits the web site of the Escuela Puertorriqueña del Arte Ecuestre.

At least here in my house, I have two daughters that are crazy about horses. It must run in the family because I have a cousin that has four horses. She loves those horses so much, their barn is much nicer than the trailer she lives in. I can see at least one of my girls living in bliss just like that. We've wanted to attend the Horse Fair in previous years, but weren't able to. Hopefully since it is in Old San Juan we can partake of the celebration.

Flickr Creative Commons Contributor Today: BrianScott